Where To Travel By Car On The December Long Weekend

Where To Travel By Car On The December Long Weekend

If you have run out of ideas and you want to go sightseeing over the December long weekend, here we leave you different options to choose where to travel cheaply over the December long weekend. In this Espacar article we present the best routes by car, keep reading!

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Where to travel on the cheap December long weekend

Below we leave you the routes to travel by car on the December long weekend. These tours stand out for their short duration. In fact, each one can be completed in a fairly short period: the typical 2-3 days that are usually available during the December long weekend.

Route through Andalusia

You can start the route in Malaga, visiting its old town and its museums, and then visit some of its wonderful towns: Ronda, Arcos de la Frontera or Estepona. Near these towns is the province of Cádiz, a perfect place to see sunsets, eat fish and learn about its history.

The next destination is Seville, which has several monuments declared World Heritage and is located an hour and a half from Cádiz. Traveling about 140 km is Córdoba, a city with an impressive history. Finally, you can stop in Granada and get to know both its beautiful city and the towns of the Alpujarra. A destination of 10!

The most advisable thing is to rent a car in Malaga and start the route, choose your favorite cities and organize the route depending on the days you have available.

Route through the lighthouses of Galicia

If you still don't know where to travel on the December long weekend, this route through Galicia is fascinating. In 1896, the first electric lighthouse in Spain was erected at Cabo Vilán, on the Galician Death Coast, whose name evokes the HMS Serpent tragedy that claimed more than 170 lives six years earlier, near Punta de Boi.

This route through Atlantic Spain is an adaptation of the Camino dos Faros, starting in O Vicedo, where the Sor river divides Lugo and A Coruña. From there, the journey continues north, reaching Cabo Estaca de Bares, the northernmost point of the country, and then heading to Ortigueira, passing near the cliffs of Loiba.

Following that route, next points include Punta Candieira, Cedeira and Valdoviño, before continuing towards O Ferrol, with a stop in A Capela to visit the beautiful Las Cinco Gabiotas lighthouse.

Itinerary through the Pyrenees

With this itinerary, you travel the entire length of the Pyrenees, from the Catalan side to the Navarrese side. Not only will you enjoy the majestic alpine landscapes, but you will also discover many villages along the way. The journey begins in Besalú or Castellfollit, both located on cliffs.

Upon entering Aragón, you will be accompanied by numerous rivers. The first is the Esera, which will take you to Aínsa. Later, the Ara torrent will lead you to Biescas. Leaving Aragón, you will be able to admire the magnificent views of the Valles Occidental Natural Park before entering Navarra on the final stretch.

Having traveled through the lands of wine and bullfighting, you will have crossed the three stages of the Pyrenees. Now you just have to decide if you want to continue exploring or cross into France.

Silver Way

If there is a route in Spain brimming with history, this is undoubtedly among the most notable. You now know where to travel by car on the December long weekend! Originally called the Jacobean Route or the Camino de Santiago de la Plata, it was established two centuries before Christ. Although there are those who think that it goes from Gijón to Málaga, records show that it connected Mérida with Astorga. Its initial purpose was the transportation of metals from the center to the north of the country.

When the Romans conquered the Iberian Peninsula, this route became a model for later roads. The Vía de la Plata crossed Cáceres, crossed the Tagus River and linked Palencia with Salamanca again.

It is also important to mention its counterpart, the Via Augusta, the longest and oldest in Spain, which extended from Cádiz to the Pyrenees. Although its 1,500 kilometers are too extensive to detail in this space, it is worth referring to its existence.

This has been all about where to travel cheaply over the December long weekend. We hope you liked the article! We recommend you continue reading our blog to learn more travel ideas, you can continue as car routes through Andalusia.

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