The Smurf Town of Malaga

The Smurf Town of Malaga

Do you know the Smurf town of Malaga? If you haven't visited it yet, we encourage you to do so! From Espacar, we bring you this article so that you know what town it is and all the views that you will find. Keep reading!

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What is the Smurf town of Malaga like?

In the province of Málaga, there is Júzcar, known as the Smurf town of Malaga or Blue Village for its blue color and its murals of the Smurfs, even with giant statues to take photos. Ideal for Smurf-loving children, it is a highlight on a route through Andalusia.

Júzcar, although small, offers main points of tourist interest that can be discovered in a morning or afternoon. On weekends there are adventure activities, so it is advisable to visit at that time to make the most of the experience. During the week, you can enjoy a quieter atmosphere, although on weekends it is usually busier.

The place has three bars, a hotel, a restaurant and some souvenir shops to explore. We also tell you the activities you can do in this surprising town:

Route of the murals

In Júzcar, whatever day you visit the town, you can enjoy the Graffiti Route, where there are 14 murals related to the Smurfs. Each mural has a QR code that reveals a word, and upon completing the tour, you will obtain a phrase with a hidden secret.

Exploring the graffiti in search of the hidden word was an activity that our daughter loved. The murals are striking and captivated the little girl. During the tour, we also came across the statues of Smurfette, Papa Smurf, and Brainy Smurf.

In addition, while you follow the graffiti route, you can visit the three viewpoints of the town, such as the Mirador de la Torrichuela, where the statue of Papa Smurf is, or the Mirador de El Jardón, which offers spectacular views of Júzcar and where the Brainy Smurf.

To find Smurfette, simply head to the Plaza de la Virgen de Moción, near the Church.

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Adventure activities

Along with the mural route, you can enjoy various adventure activities. In Júzcar, two zip lines, Tibetan bridges, two climbing walls and suspension walkways have been installed.

In addition, according to the Júzcar City Council website, on weekends there are activities for children such as Smurf face painting, getting a blue manicure or jumping on trampolines. All this has a cost.

Hiking trails

If you are interested in hiking, from the Smurf town of Malaga there are three routes to explore:

  • Moclón Route: It is a linear route of 3.23 km, with a medium-low difficulty. However, it is not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.
  • Los Molinos Route: This is a 1.28 km circular route, with a medium-low difficulty. It is also not recommended for children's strollers or wheelchairs.
  • Los Riscos Route: This route is circular and has a length of 6.57 km, with a medium-high difficulty due to its steep slopes. It is not suitable for strollers and is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

Why is it considered Smurf Town?

Júzcar, located in the Serranía de Ronda, used to have its houses painted white. In 2011, Sony Pictures chose it for a Smurfs advertising campaign, painting the town blue to promote a film in the saga.

The initial idea was to return it to its original color after the campaign, but due to its success, they decided to leave it blue. Known as the Smurf town of Malaga, it had to change its name to "The Blue Village" in 2017 due to copyright problems with the production company. Despite the name change, it retains sculptures and murals of the Smurfs, attracting many tourists.

This has been all about the Smurf town of Malaga. We hope you liked it! If this has been the case, we recommend that you continue reading our blog, you can continue with Alcazaba Lagoon: A unique place in Europe.

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