How to Rent a Car Without Surprises

How to Rent a Car Without Surprises

Do you want to know how to rent a car without surprises? ⭐ We give you all the Tips to make the Best Choice.


When you rent a car, all you want is the keys and hope there are no added costs. It is common to hear criticism from clients talking about the insurance and the deposits that the company had not mentioned during the reservation and, in some cases, it may be due to lack of customer information, but in others cases, the company is not 100% transparent with its prices.

Surprises happen all the time, and not all are bad. Sometimes car rental companies do nice things for their customers, sometimes they don't do it. Next, we show you how to rent a car without surprises and avoid disappointment during your trip.

Compulsory insurance is one of the strategies most used by some car rental companies. In some countries, it is obligatory to drive with certain insurances, and companies hide it in some way until the user picks up the vehicle.

Tips for renting a car without surprises

  1. Rent a car without surprises - Read the fine print

Many surprises are not surprises at all, they are details hidden in the fine print. How do you avoid them? Easily. Read the fine print. You Search the "terms and conditions" and you learn about everything that has to do with the car rental conditions.

  1. Rent a car without any surprises - Read customer reviews

On the internet, many car rental companies compete for which is better and, although the comments of some annoying customers are not 100% reliable, they can be helpful in deciding on a specific company.

  1. Rent a car without surprises - Ask before renting

Does car insurance cover the vehicle? Is an amount withheld on my credit card? The only way to know for sure is to ask. If you do, you may face added costs that you didn't expect.

Find a free phone number or send a contact request to the company with any questions that may arise before making the reservation.

  1. Rent a car without surprises - Solve in real time

Most of the problems associated with car rental can be solved over the stand. Remember that unless you have prepaid your rental car, you can still cancel your reservation and rent with another company.


However, not all surprises are bad, as some companies value customer service and not only are you not going to rent a car without surprises, without being able to benefit from certain privileges, such as enjoying a car from Higher class with no added cost, simply for being a recurring driver for the same car rental company.

Unfortunately, another negative surprise that many rental car drivers face is the shortage of vehicles. It is common for some users to come to the stand and find that the car model they have rented is not available, either because they have discontinued it from the Fleet, or because they do not have stock at that time. The staff can try to fix this problem by asking the driver to pay "extra" for a higher-end car.

 The solution? Well, the surprises will never end, nor should they end it. Ideally, the insurance and the sales accessories are part of the final reservation price of the vehicle, and that, any extra that involves an added cost, should be optional.

As long as ridiculously low "per day" rates continue to be offered, the surprises will continue.


Remember that in Espacar you can rent a car without surprises with free cancellation.

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