Río de la Miel in Algeciras: a hiking route for the whole family

Río de la Miel in Algeciras: a hiking route for the whole family

Do you want to discover how to get the most out of your route through the Río de la Miel pathway? We explain everything in this article!

We have talked before about the hiking routes in Málaga that, due to their low difficulty level, are great to enjoy with family.  So today we travel to Algeciras to discover another hiking route that lets you connect with nature… and doing it with the youngest members of the family!

 Río de la Miel in Algeciras, located in Campo de Gibraltar and a scant 25 km from La Líneais a short river, 9 kilometers long, that is born in Bujeo highland and discharges in the bay. Enjoying part of the route is possible and we explain how to plan your pathway.


 Where is possible to find the pathway Río de la Miel?

 The pathway of Río de la Miel is one of the most famous in Algeciras, Cádiz. It’s found inside the Paque Natural de los Alcornocales and its access is through Barriada del Corte.


 Duration and difficulty level

 This is an ideal pathway to do as a family activity. Its difficulty level is low, apart from having an straighforward trace. 

If you do the marked out route, the total duration of the route (roundtrip) will be around 3 hours, walking a total of 6 kilometers. 


Río de la Miel pathway: step by step

The access to the pathway is located in the El Cobre neighbourhood . Although this area is not a transit point, it has a great tourist flow thanks to this route. In addition, it’s only separated by 8 minutes by car from the Algeciras city center. 

When starting the pathway by the forest track, we will jut out in dribs and drabs in a forest fraught with cork oaks and ferns.


Escalona windmill

One of the first points of interest that we’ll find in it is the Escalona windmill, an ancient windmill that still works today. 

To follow the path we must pass through a beautiful medieval stylestone bridge that, long ago, was an important  communication path with the bay. 


Gallery forest

Continuing with the Río de la Miel pathway, and at the other side of the bridge, we will enter a lovely gallery forest of alders, creating a canopy that covers different ferns and bushes.


 The spectacular end of the pathway

La Chorrera waterfallis a beautiful place where the final stage of this itinerary is found. Also, if you decide to do this route in summer, don’t forget to bring your bathing suit to freshen up in this pond!

 If you want to continue the route beyond this point, keep in mind that an area of the Reserva Natural starts, so obtaining the necessary administrative authorisation is mandatory. You can get it online through the Medioambiente website of the Junta de Andalucía. 


Get the most out of Algeciras and surroundings 

If you’re thinking about traveling to Algeciras, schedule it in advance to get the most out of it. And, of course, don’t forget about hiking the Río de la Miel pathway.

 Also, in less than half an hour by car, you can also find Gibraltar, a must-visit place. In a previous article in our blog, we already told you about the things you must do in your holidays in Gibraltar.

 And if you want to enjoy maximum freedom and independence during your trip, consider hiring a car! Enjoy our all-inclusive renting service, taking and returning the car in our offices in Málaga, Estepona, Gibraltar and La Línea. 

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