Tricks for Novice Drivers

Tricks for Novice Drivers

Hitting the road with very little experience can generate stress and nerves, we know that. Being in driving schools or just got a driver`s license, we store a lot of information in our head that we must take into account.

If this is your case, today´s article is for you, no matter what. We are going to tell you a series of tricks for novice drivers that will surely be of great help for you. Start engines, let´s go.

6 tricks for novice drivers that vill help you a lot (and probably they did not tell you at driving school)

What you should do after driving through a puddle

Although the best is to avoid it, sometimes  it is impossible not to go through areas where there is a  large amount of accumulated water. Well, Here´s a trick for novice drivers and not so novice that surely they have not told you in any driving school.

When you get out of the puddle and going at a moderated speed, press the brakes a couple of times. On these occasions the water can reach the started motor and make your car stop. If you press the brakes, the friction will cause your car heat up and the water will evaporate.

If your engine does not start

Cold days can affect the engine and make it not start at first. A solution to this can be something as simple as turning on the lights or the radio and leaving them on for a while for the battery to heat up.

The mirage of speed on the straigths

This is probably another thing that they have never told you but, if you don´t take this into account, you can take a fright.

If you go with your car in straight line, you can have the feeling that the speed you reach is even half of what it really is. So be careful and control: if after that there's a curve or you need to brake, you can take a fright.

How to set Rear-View Mirrors Correctly

Here there is another trick for novice drivers which you need to check before driving: How to set Rear-View Mirrors.

There must be no blind spot on the road, so make sure you fit them. To make it easier for you: in the rearview mirrors your car should not be seen or, if you see it, it must be very little.

Worse alone than in good company

Yes, once you have a driver's license, maybe what you want the least is driving with your parents. We already know that their tendency is to comment on any mistakes you may make, but it will be of great help to you.

Whoever says your parents says anyone who has experience. If in your first drivings you are accompanied by someone who already knows how it works, in addition to providing you with security, he/she will be there solve any doubts or problems that may arise.

Practice makes perfect

To conclude, a trick for novice drivers, that may be the most obvious thing, but it's always good to remember

The human being is impatient by nature and wants to have everything learned and perfect for yesterday. But there goes a secret: patience. But above all, practice. Lots of practice. If you do not see yourself trained, you will always have the feeling of the motorcycle, we recommend you go through this post: motorcycle routes in malaga

You learn to drive by driving. To be a great driver you also learn by driving. Gradually you will acquire the skill you need on the road and you will internalise each of the points to consider. You'll see how over time you notice that you're releasing yourself little by little.

We hope these tips for novice drivers have served as a guide for your next car trips. And, without a doubt, we are sure that you will take over the roads very soon. Regardless of the experience you have, you can always count on our Rent a Car in Malaga. Good trip!

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