Pet-friendly beaches in Andalucia 2018

Pet-friendly beaches in Andalucia 2018

If you are visiting Costa del Sol and you want to enjoy a great day on the beach with your ‘best friend’ you are lucky as Andalucía is the second region in Spain by number of pet-friendly beaches. And in Andalucía, Málaga province, is on top of the list with 7 seven dog-friendly beaches all along the coast.

Official pet-friendly beaches are those especially authorised by the regional government. Most of them are not in optimal conditions as one of the first requirements to change its use was that they were not suitable for bathing, but it’s true they are being improved year after year.

Because of this, many pet-owners like to enjoy a beach day on natural spots not popular with families and with little presence of beach police where regulations regarding pets presence is not clear. Some of the most visited are Cabo de Gata in Almería, the Guadalhorce river mouth in Málaga, Caños de Meca in Cádiz or Mazagón beaches in Huelva. But if you want to avoid any chance of problems with authorities you better go to one of these beaches.

Pet-friendly beaches in Málaga

Arroyo Totalán beach

It’s located in the mouth of the Totalán stream and it’s basically a rocks beach. Frequent users have been demanding a better cleaning and improved access for people and animals. Previous demands regarding bins and showers have already been fulfilled so the rest of services should improve in coming seasons.

El Castillo beach, Fuengirola

It’s one of the first pet-friendly beaches of Andalucía but frequent users have been complaining about overcrowding in the top dates of summer. However, the nice sand, absence of rocks and the good atmosphere among dogs, owners and general public make it one of the most appreciated. But please, take good care of your dog as the heavy traffic highway is close.

Piedra Paloma beach, in Casares

It’s also a rocky beach and have no services at all but it’s located in a really beautiful spot, has a good car park area and it’s not very frequented.

Pet-friendly beach in Torre del Mar

It’s one of the best dog beaches of Andalucia. It has a smooth sand and a special play zone for pets. It’s also equipped with showers, water fountains for dogs, bins and a lifeguard post. Unfortunately, car park is not good and access to the beach is nod adapted for disabled people.

El Pinillo and Ventura de Mar beaches, in Marbella

They are both two of the larger dog beaches in the Málaga coast. A small weod promenade, the smooth sand and the calm of the area, make them two of the best options in the Costa del Sol.

Pet-friendly beach of Torrox

It’s the newest one in the list, as it’s been inaugurated in 2018. It has some basic services like showers on an area of sand and gravel, but users complain about car park.

Pet-friendly beaches in Cádiz and Huelva

Camposoto beach, in Cádiz

The only dog beach in the Cádiz province has bad reviews because of its difficult access -you need to walk more than 10 minutes from the car park up to the sea. But it’s also a lovely sandy beach with lots of services: showers, bins, lifeguard, etc.

Espigón beach in Huelva

It’s likely the biggest dog beach in Andalucia with over 2500 square metres. It’s close to the city of Huelva. Users praise its cleanliness and the quality of sand and water of the Atlantic Ocean, but they miss some basic services, like showers.

Pet-friendly beaches in Almería and Granada

Playa de la Rana, in Adra, Almería

The only beach in Almeria province is in Adra, more than 40 minutes by car west of the capital. One of the reasons this spot was chosen it’s because it wasn’t very popular with locals and visitors. It’s a virgin beach nearly 350 metres long and to enjoy it fully basic rules to follow are the same as in other places: have available your pet documentation, with vaccination proof, pick any waste it can leave and if it is from a dangerous breed, leash and muzzle are required.

Cable beach, in Motril, Granada 

It’s again the only dog beach in the province, but this time it’s centrally located, close to the Poniente beach near Motril harbour wall.

It has a big car park and many services are available: showers, bins, adapted access, etc. It’s rocky so you must take care your pet doesn’t get its pads damaged.

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So now you know where to spend a fantastic day on the beach with your best friend. Remember to bring water for both of you, try to avoid hottest hours of sun and be careful with high temperatures on sand and rocks in order to prevent burns on pads.

If you want to know about other different plans to enjoy this summer in the Costa del Sol visit some of our other posts: museums, restaurants, spas and much more are waiting for you!.

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