How to get to Gibraltar from the UK

How to get to Gibraltar from the UK

Do you know how to get to Gibraltar from the UK? Today we tell you the easiest ways to do it by air or road.

Gibraltar is one of the points of the Iberian Peninsula that must become an indispensable visit. Its great attractive is divided between its beautiful views, the mix of cultures (it is a shaker of British traditions with a very Andalusian touch) and, of course, the monkeys. About 225 are the barbary apes who live in this geographical point that belongs to the United Kingdom and which is undoubtedly one of its strengths when it comes to visiting it.

But how to get to Gibraltar from the UK? In today's article we stop to analyze eachone of the ways we have to make the trip and enjoy a holiday in Gibraltar.


How to get to Gibraltar from the UK by road

If we put London as a starting point to start our trip, it is 1,758 kilometers that separate the two points. If we want to do this by road, we have two possibilities: either do it by car or opt for a bus.


Getting to Gibraltar by car

If we opted for this route, and putting London back as a starting point in the example, it would take about 22 hours to travel (of course, without the stops).

To make the journey we must cross the Eurotunnel, the railway tunnel merge France and England through the English Channel.

Le Shuttle is the option that allows travelers to access with their own vehicle. With a single ticket you can travel with your car and with until to 9 passengers. There are usually up to 4 departures every hour.


How much does it cost to get to Gibraltar from the UK by car? Well, it would vary depending on the consumption of our car, but an approximation could be between 400 and 550 euros. To this we should add the ticket price for the Eurotunnel. They have a wide range of prices, from 30 pounds each way, if you spend only one night out, or 79 pounds per way with no return date.

At the entrance of Gibraltar there us no acceess fee, but it is necessary, before starting the trip, to ensure that our passport is in force.


Getting to Gibraltar by bus

If you want to travel by bus,putting london back as a starting point, you will have to take a ticket to Paris. From Paris you will have to buy another ticket to Madrid and, once in Madrid, switch back to another one that takes you to Gibraltar.

The duration of this trip can reach 37 hours, with about 2 hours to make the connections.

How much does it cost to get to Gibraltar from the UK by bus? Its price may vary depending on the companies, but in total it would cost us between about 100 to 170 euros.


How to get to Gibraltar from the UK by plane

From Bristol, Manchester and London (at Luton, Gatwick and Heathrow airports), there are regular routes to Gibraltar from the UK by plane. The companies operating these trips are British Airways, easyJet and Wizz Air.

Without a doubt, by plane is the fastest way to travel, but also the cheapest. If we leave from London, the trip lasts about 2 hours and 50 minutes, and the price per flight can range from approximately 40 to 80 euros.

We hope this article has helped you better  raise how to get to Gibraltar from the UK in the way that best suits you. If once there, you want to enjoy the city with freedom and make the most of your trip, it has our car hire Gibraltar, the best way to personalize your experience. Good trip!

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