Gibraltar Bank Holidays

Gibraltar Bank Holidays

Do you want to know which days are bank holidays in Gibraltar?

In this article, we tell you when they are, what their history is and how people celebrate them.

The Bank holidays are different from one country to another. Although Gibraltar is located in the Peninsula Iberica, its working calendar is the same as the United Kingdom, so they have many of the same public holidays. It also its own Gibraltar bank holidays

You may be curious about some of the public holidays in Gibraltar for different reasons: maybe because you didn’t know about them or maybe the way people celebrate them. Today, we explain everything of anyone´s favourite days: those you don´t have to work on, those you have to celebrate.

May Day: one of the best-known bank holidays in Gibraltar

May Day is one of the Gibraltar´s most famous public holidays. It is celebrated on 1st of May. If we want to know more about its origins we must go back to Roman times. On this day, people celebrate the arrival of good weather. And, although few people know it, this day is a festival in honour of Flora, goddess of flowers and fruits.

It is certainly an important date to what to see in Gibraltar.

Spring Bank Holiday: Gibraltar Bank Holidays

This public holiday is celebrated the last Monday of May in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. In addition, its history is really curious.

If we want to know its meaning we have to go back, when the term “Bank Holiday” had a literal meaning. It was a public holiday enjoyed exclusively by workers of the banking world. These dates were initially set, in 1871, so that bankers could attend cricket matches.

“Late Summer Bank Holiday” is also celebrated the last Monday of August as a final summer party.

These days were added as national bank holiday as the UK doesn’t have many public holidays in their work calendar compared to other countries.

Queen´s Birthday

It may be curious for Spanish people that the queen´s birthday of England is a bank holiday in Gibraltar. It is celebrated on the second Monday of June. And you may find it strange but that day isn´t really her birthday.

In the 18th century, the Kings of England decided to have a private birthday and a public one. As King George II was born in November, he decided to celebrate another one in June to enjoy the good weather. So that date is already a tradition.

Gibraltar´s Day

One of the Gibraltar´s most important and famous public holidays is celebrated on the 10th of September. This day was chosen in honour on the first referendum on the sovereignty of Gibraltar in 1967.

This public holiday is certainly a unique opportunity to enjoy Gibraltar from a completely different point of view. There are parties everywhere!

Boxing Day: Gibraltar´s Christmas Holiday

This Gibraltar public holiday, which it also public holiday in the UK, has a very nice message. It is celebrated on the 26th of December, just after Christmas. This day the inhabitants make donations and gifts to those who need it most.

Have you already note down these Gibraltar bank holidays in your diary to come and visit it? Count on our car hire Gibraltar. It is the best way to know (and enjoy!) all the traditions of the city. Good trip!

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