Gastronomy of the Costa del Sol

Gastronomy of the Costa del Sol

The rich gastronomy of Malaga is vast, housing a large number of restaurants, many of which have been successful thanks to their dedication to bringing back traditional dishes and transforming them to give them the relevance they deserve and sharing the delights and complexities of their traditional cuisine with visitors.

In Malaga you can find everything from the freshest catch from the sea, such as typical fried fish, to the heartiest dishes, like stews. The culinary richness of the towns is enormous. Most dishes comprise a Mediterranean diet, which thanks to the simplicity of its ingredients, the variety and flavours these unique dishes manage to coexist with the increasingly popular avant-garde cuisine.

Malaga’s cuisine is best known for its stews and hearty dishes. The Gazpachuelo is one of the most famous. Other traditional stews are the Sopa de Álora - a tasty and hearty dish that highlights the richness of the produce of Malaga, the Sopa de tagarninas and the Berzas of Malaga. These popular dishes are present in the vast majority of bars and restaurants in the villages of the province and are the best way to refuel after a day hiking along the nearby mountains or enjoying a cultural tour of the city.

But, without a doubt, one of the best known dishes in Malaga are the Migas, a humble dish that goes with just about anything (vegetables, cold meats, fish, oranges) and which is typically served as Plato de los Montes when eaten with chorizo, black pudding, peppers and loin. The best place to try these dishes is at typical family restaurants located along the secondary road network of the province.

The so-called marengo touch is always present at the table in Malaga. Malaga would make no sense without the fried fish, Emblanco (fish stew) , Caldillo de pintarroja (spicy dogfish soup), Boquerones with vinegar, stuffed calamares or the magnificent Espetos de sardinas (skewered sardines). All along the coast you can taste endless seafood dishes, all which you mustn’t miss on your trip to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Fish in Malaga is tradition and can be tasted both in seafood restaurants and in the beach bars, but also in those small and hidden bars where you can literally breathe the fishing culture of the city. Enjoy a spit of sardines on a terrace at the beach in La Carihuela, La Misericordia, Los Boliches or Guadalmina. It’s one of the greatest pleasures you’ll enjoy this summer.


Recommended restaurants:

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Jose Carlos García Restaurante (Malaga)

Dani Garcia Restaurante (Marbella)

Bibo (Marbella)

Lobito de Mar (Marbella)

El Lago (Marbella)

Skina (Marbella)

La Fonda (Benalmadena)

El Mirlo Blanco (Mijas)

Mesón Astorga (Malaga)

Caserío de San Benito (Antequera)

Frutos (Torremolinos)

Santa Pola (Ronda)

Oliva (Nerja)

Back (Marbella)

Bardal (Ronda)

Casa Paco (Coin)

La Solana (Fuengirola)

Arara (Malaga)

Sollo (Fuengirola)

Taberna Uvedoble (Malaga)

Aire Gastrobar (Malaga)

Arte de Cozina (Antequera)

Caserío de San Benito (Antequera)

Sollun (Nerja)

Malallama Soul Food (Malaga)

La Cosmopolita (Malaga)

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