The Free Cancellation Policy Without Charge And Non-Deposit/Deposit

The Free Cancellation Policy Without Charge And Non-Deposit/Deposit

Do you want to plan your trip without any surprises? Today we are talking about our cancellation and non-deposit policy.

We live in uncertain times, the solution may be to choose for a company of car rental in Malaga that makes it easy for you.

Do you want to know what it is like to travel with Espacar and what is our policy in favor of our clients? Continue reading!


What means the cancellation policy without charges?

Our policy of free cancellation policy without charges means that, when you are making your reservation, you will not be asked for any bank or credit card information. Why? Because we do not want to block any money and we will not demand you to make any type of deposit.

Thanks to Espacar's free cancellation policy, you will not have to carry any outlay or penalty if you cancell the reservation of your car or van, do at any time .We want our clients to travel safely, and that is why we chose for this option.

You can plan your trip, excursion or journey with us without any problem or fear, paying only when you arrive to pick up your car.


How does the car rental without a deposit works?

It is common for many car rental companies to require a deposit or guarantee when picking up the vehicle, which, depending on the case, can range between 100 euros and 2,000 euros.

This provide a "guarantee" for companies while you use the car or van; In the event that a problem occurs with him or the car is delivered with some damage, they will charge it from that deposit that the client has left. Many companies can take advantage of this guarantee, charging it in full in case of small damages that would not reach the amount deposited.

In Espacar we bet on car rental without a deposit. In this way we will not request you to leave any deposit when you pick your vehicle up. This means that when it comes to renting your car you will not find any surprises: you will only pay for what you are going to enjoy.


What other advantages does renting a car without deposit with Espacar have?

We know that when you are going to take a trip or a route, the last thing you want is for car rental companies to make you dizzy with endless conditions, and therefore we know it can cause headache, we want to make it easy for our clients.


All-inclusive car rental

You won't have to worry about being surprised: the price is a fixed priced, and once it is closed, we do not add any extra charges.

In addition to the free cancellation without charges and the no deposit, what other advantages can you benefit if you rent your car with us? The price includes for free:

  • All additional drivers.
  • All baby seat, elevators and, ultimately, any child restraint system.
  • 24 hour roadside assistance.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Return rental car at the nearest office, which may be different from the delivery one.


We do not like the fine print: When you make your reservation, you will see everything. Without scares or complications

If you look for a rental car in Málaga without deposit, We will be glad to travel with you. Our 25 years of experience have made us progress and adapt  to the needs of our clients to get the service they are looking for.

If you have any question will be glad to attend you ¿Let´s start?


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