Car hire with no deposit in Málaga

Do you want to hire a car with no deposit? At Espacar we offer the best car hire service without having to leave a deposit or have an amount blocked on your credit card.
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What does car hire with no deposit involve?

When you hire a car, it’s very common to find companies that retain a sum of money as a deposit when you collect the vehicle. 

It’s a way of ensuring that the car is returned in good condition and then, if there is any damage, it can be paid for out of the deposit. However, some companies try to turn a profit out of the deposit — even when the value of the damage is less than the deposit you have paid, the company charges you the full amount anyway.


Hire your car with no deposit with Espacar:

At Espacar we want to provide our customers with a straightforward, easy service and therefore, we offer a car hire service with no deposit. We don’t retain any sum of money when you collect your vehicle:

  • Do  we charge you a deposit or deposit when reserving or picking up your car?

We are committed to car rental without a deposit, so we will never ask you to reserve a bank card or any cancellation charge may apply to your reservation.


 Other advantages of hiring a car with no deposit with Espacar:

In addition to our car hire service with no deposit, we also offer further advantages that make us stand out from most other car hire companies.

Don’t think twice! Use the most highly recommended car hire service on Malaga, Gibraltar and the whole Costa del Sol if you want to enjoy a worry-free holiday with no surprises and more than 25 years’ experience and thousands of happy customers.

Finally, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about hiring a car with no deposit. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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