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Car hire with no excess Malaga

Are you looking for a car hire service with no excess? At Espacar we have the best car hire service in Malaga, Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol. Would you like to find out more about this type of service? Then keep on reading!


What does car hire with no excess involve?

One of the areas that raises more questions when hiring a car is the issue of the excess. Not everyone fully understands the meaning of this term, which is why we want to clear up any possible doubts.

The excess is the sum that isn’t covered by insurance in the event of any damage or an accident. For example, if the excess is €600, the insurance will cover any repair costs above €600 and the customer will be liable for the first €600.

At Espacar we avoid this type of situation by offering a car hire service with no excess. This means you don’t have to worry about any repair costs because the full amount is covered (provided it is not rejected by the insurance, i.e. it isn’t invalidated by serious negligence on the part of the driver, such as driving under the influence of alcohol).


No excess car hire with Espacar:

At Espacar we offer our customers a fully transparent service that meets all of your possible needs so that you can enjoy a worry-free journey. That’s why we have a car hire service with no excess where you’ll be totally aware at all times of everything that is covered by the insurance and included in the car hire rates.

What is included in my car hire with no excess? The full amount of any repairs with no excess — provided that the damage is not the result of negligence or a failure to comply with the general terms and conditions established on the car hire contract.

What is not included? Loss of keys or any damage to tyres and wheels.

Additionally, all our services include:

  • Free additional drivers.
  • Free child seats.
  • Unlimited kilometres.
  • Option of returning vehicle to a different office than the collection point at no additional cost.
  • Collection and return service at Malaga and La Linea-Gibraltar airports and María Zambrano train station with no service fee.

Other advantages of car hire with no excess with Espacar:

In addition to our car hire service with no excess, at Espacar we offer our customers many more advantages to help them meet all their needs, for example:

Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to choose the best car hire service with no excess in Malaga, Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol and enjoy a worry-free holiday without any surprises.

Finally, if you have any doubts about our car hire service with no excess, please feel free to get in touch. Have a good trip!

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