Best Weather for Travel to La Costa del Sol

Best Weather for Travel to La Costa del Sol

Get to know the weather in la Costa del Sol to find out which season is better for you to plan your trip.

When we are planning a trip, we have a lot of options we have to keep in mind for making everything perfect. Which is the most important? Choosing the best date for traveling!

Depending on the area we are going to travel to, the weather may change. For that reason, we have to keep an eye on it for being prepared,

Today we are going to talk about Costa del Sol weather and which are the best dates for traveling to this paradise in southern Spain. Do you want to find out? Continue reading!


Which dates have the best weather in la Costa del Sol?

This geographical position name is not something chosen randomly. As calculated, this point at the Iberian peninsula has more than 300 sunny days per year. Although during summer temperatures can be higher, during the rest of the year, ever in winter, sunny and hot days can be enjoyed.

After knowing that, we could say that any season is perfect for traveling to la Costa del Sol! But let’s be a bit more specific.


When is best to travel to la Costa del Sol for enjoying the sea? 

If you want to enjoy hot weather and the beach…we tell you which dates are best for traveling!

Costa del Sol's most perfect weather could be found from May to October. During those six months, the temperature can reach more than 20ºC degrees. During July and August, the hottest months, the average is up to 29ºC.

Whether it is possible to find some rainy days during the rest of the year, in summer is not common. In this season, we reach 11 sunshine hours daily, which are reduced to 8 hours during September.


Costa del Sol weather during the rest of the year

If you want to avoid the hottest months and enjoy a milder climate, read below for knowing Costa del Sol weather depending on the season.

  • Autumn: after summer, in October temperatures decreases to 23ºC, reaching a 19ºC average during November. This is the rainiest month of the season.
  • Winter: as be commented before, the winter season is warm and fresh, against the icy cold that can be found in some other areas. Rains are most frequent, and sunshine hours are reduced to 5. January transforms into the coldest month in the year, with temperatures that may vary from 7ºC to 16ºC.
  • Spring: the sky is clear and temperatures increase again, but at night they fall. Sunshine hours start to lengthen. In April, for example, the average is 7 hours daily, while in May it reaches 9 hours.


Have you decided when are you going to plan your trip? Choose the best weather for you in la Costa del Sol and schedule it now!

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And if you want to complete your trip experience, don’t forget to visit our blog! You can find from best restaurants in malaga Spain to golf courses. Have a nice trip!

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