Best Restaurants in Malaga

Best Restaurants in Malaga

Would you like to know what are the best restaurants in Malaga where you can enjoy the good gastronomy? Read on and discover the most exquisite local cuisine in the city.

The capital of the Costa del Sol stands out for being a unique place to enjoy the famous Spanish gastronomy. Andalusian cuisine is very appreciated for its great flavor and variety of meals, like the most exquisite meats to fresh fish and seafood of the day. 


Best meat restaurants in Malaga

All Meat meals (grilled, stewed or in line with other foods) are very appreciated in this region of southern Spain and there are many restaurants specializing in meats. Here are some of them:

Asador Ovidio

In the heart of Malaga we find this restaurant specialized in the  top quality meats. The Ovidio Steakhouse has a great reputation, because it never disappointing, and this is evident by the large number of positive reviews it has on numerous platforms.

Price→ €€ - €€€ 

asador ovidio

Astorga Meson

It is a place of great value in the city due to its antiquity and its good reputation among the local people and the renowned figures who have eat here to enjoy their cuisine.

Price→ €€ - €€€

meson astorga

La Piedra

La Piedra Group comprises a set of meat and roast restaurants very appreciated by the local people of Malaga. Its stone meats, as the name suggests, are its specialty, and if we also combine its  affordable prices and a close treatment, we get the perfect combination.


la piedra

Best seafood restaurants in Malaga

Fresh seafood is the great specialty of this region of Andalusia and it is just that its many kilometers of coastline make enjoy the fresh seafood throughout the year. Read on, we show you the best restaurants in Malaga for seafood.

La Mayor Shellfish bar

This family restaurant specializing in seafood is quite popular with locals and its location in the heart of the capital's traditional neighborhood make it a unique place to enjoy the Malaga cuisine.

Price→ €€ - €€€

marisqueria la mayor

Los mellizos

It is another business group composed of several restaurants located in differents parts of the province; from the center of Malaga to towns such as Benalmadena. Despite its current popularity, the chain is famous for its local character (they started out as a fishmonger) and its activity decades offering the freshest seafood.

Price→ €€ - €€€

los mellizos

La Peregrina Centro

This restaurant has a unique location in the center of Malaga, a few steps from the cathedral. The difference with the other seafood restaurants mentioned is that in La Peregrina you can enjoy quick tapas of fish and seafood without you having to sit down or make a copious meal

Price→ €

la peregrina

Best tapas restaurants in Malaga

Would you like to visit the best tapas restaurants in Malaga? We recommend that you visit our article about go for tapas in Malaga cheap so that you can enjoy the best gastronomy in small bites in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

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