Typical Christmas Sweets of Spain

Typical Christmas Sweets of Spain

Christmas time is here! So the variety of Christmas sweets are always needed to have in the shopping basket, these are sweets that all the Spanish people have in the house during these dates.

At this time, we forgot the scale and enjoy all the Christmas sweets of Spain. There are some of them like “Turrón”, “Mazapán” or “Polvorones” which are well known in all the Spain, but the gastronomy of Spain allows us to know sweets of every village, city or region of Spain. In order that you could know all typical Christmas sweets in our country, we are going to discover one by one in this article.


1. Turron

Is the most famous sweet, it is elaborated by pure honey of bee, sugar, egg-white and pralines. Actually there are lot of variety of this sweets, by truffle, skittles, coconut…It is one of the most historic product in our country.



2. Polvoron

It is a small cake of flour, lard and sugar. It is a typical Christmas sweet. When we add flour, it seems like a dust on the sweet. It is typical of Andalucia, specifically in Estepa, (Sevilla).


3. Mazapán

It is elaborated by pralines, sugar and egg. There are lots of variety by the origin. The most probably is that this sweets are Arabic. There are different types of the sweets in all Europe, but the most famous are the Spanish ones.



4. Roscon de Reyes

It is very difficult to find a home in Spain where not served “Roscón de Reyes” for breakfast on 6th of January. The time when “Reyes  Magos” come to all the Spanish homes. The typical one is with whipped cream or sauce, but there are other one with chocolate, truffle… It is very popular to find small surprises like figures, coins and obviously, the traditional bean, if you find this, you must pay the sweet.


5. Roscon de vino

There are cookies with a round shape. These sweets are elaborated with sweet wine and nuts and glass sugar. They are specially of “Castilla La Mancha” and “Málaga”.



6. Peladilla

They are sugar-coated almonds typical of “La Comunidad Valenciana”, apart from a Christmas sweets, they are a present in the christening.



7. Mantecado

We normally eat this sweet all the year, you can find them in the supermarket, but Christmas is the best time to buy this sweet, because of that the purcdhases are elevated on this date. They have andalusian origin. The most famous are with chocolate, almonds, lemon…



8. Hojaldrina

It is similar to “Polvoron” and “Mantecado”, The ingredients are fat pork, flour, sugar, orange juice and wine. The most famous company of these typical sweets is the “Productos Mata” in “Alcaudete” (Jaén).  It is elaborated since 1927, and nowadays they use the original recipe.

These sweets are very famous of Spain and all of them have a typical taste of delicious sugar. This Christmas you can eat a piece of all of them…so ¿what are you waiting for?



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