What to Do on a Long Drive

What to Do on a Long Drive

Do you know what to do on a long drive to cope with it in as much comfort as possible? Today we tell you some secrets to getting it.

Whether for work reasons or because our vacation spot awaits us at the destination, sometimes we make long trips in cars that we may be tired and we never seem to see the end.

That's when we wonder what to do on a long drive to make it more enjoyable and safe too. If you want to discover some tips that will help you get it, don't miss this article!


What to do on a long drive: The secrets before starting

Plan the route

Today technology can give us answers at the moment. But, still, I'm sure more than once you've heard that alguna"prevention rather than cure" thing.

So,  it is advisable to study and plan the route before leaving and choose the one that suits us best.conve We can choose the fastest route or even the one with the best scenery to enjoy  the way.

Before we leap overselves with our long drive it is also good to have studied a second option. A plan B that we will use in case of any surprise to avoid delays.


Check the car

We may be hesitation about what to do on a long drive, but we must also consider it before leaving. It would not be tasteful if, on the way to your holidays place, a breakdown occurred that could have been avoided with a simple review.

So, we recommend checking, a couple of days before leaving, that everything is correctly and it is ready to travel: the level of liquids, the brakes or the tires.


What to do on a long drive if I am the driver

Comfort first

Considering that it will be many hours that you are sitting, it is important that you go comfortable. Opt for loose and sporty clothing and always have a bottle of water, a caffeinated soda and some to take on hand.

It is important to adapt the driver's seat to maintain a comfortable posture, both back and neck, so as not to create possible muscle pain too. In the same way, we recommend always wearing approved sunglasses.


Make stops

It is essential to make stops along the way. To avoid tiredness, it is advisable to stop every two hours to stretch your legs and clear the mind.

If you want to know what to do on a long drive and make the most of your trip, we recommend studying and scheduling the stops you're going to make. This will give you the opportunity to discover charming towns in Malaga or restaurants that are worth visiting.


Preparing yourself for the trip

When we confront a long drive, it is essential to be relaxed. Physical exhaustion can be one of the great enemies on the road.

We should also pay attention to whether we take any medications before driving, as there are some that can cause drowsiness.

On the other hand, it is advisable to withdraw money before starting the journey too, as we may find ourselves on the way with some establishment that does not accept a credit card.


What to do on a long trip if we're going as a companion

If it's our turn to go with companions, knowing what to do on a long trip can save us from getting fed up, especially if we share a car with strangers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Bring a book, a magazine or newspaper to read (only if you don't get dizzy on the trip).
  • Carry your device (mobile or tablet) charged and with your helmets: you can watch a movie or listen to the music, without having to agree on what sounds on the radio.
  • Play games with other passengers who do not require cards or a board, it is especially useful if we travel with children: the 'I spy, 'Twenty questions' or 'Chained Words' can save you a trip. Is very importan to know spain child seat laws.
  • At the driver's stops, stretch your legs and don't stay in the car.

We hope that these ideas on what to do on a long drive have helped you put them into practice on your next trip. But especially, remember that the most important thing is the attitude you face along the way. Count on Espacar, your favorite rent a car Malaga. Have a good trip!

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