Recommendations travel Covid

Recommendations travel Covid

Are you going to travel in the coming weeks and do you want to check that you take everything you need to make your trip? ✅ Read on.

From July most countries open up to tourism, including Spain. The tourist season begins and the mass travel on different routes (road, train and above all, airway) too.

For some there may be certain barriers that prevent it from traveling, due mainly to the unkistakableness of traveling through the newly opened borders.

Here are some covid travel recommendations so you can travel safely, fearlessly and enjoy your trip to the fullest:


  1. Travel without fear

The main advice we give you is to lose the fear of the unknown and encourage you to travel. If you keep to the measures recommended by public healthcare organisations, you can rest assured that you and yours can be safe.


  1. Review destination restrictions

There may be small limitations in your country to keep to their in closed places, and each country has set the restrictions it de thinks is appropriate based on the current situation.

It is important that you choose an open, safe and un quarantined destination and that you adapt to the small steps that may be in each country. On the tourism websites of each country you can review this information in detail.


  1. Watch the security protocol

You have to take into account the following general steps to stop the covid:

  • Respect the safety distance with unknown people
  • Avoid going to very crowded places
  • Wear a mask whenever you can
  • Avoid touching your eyes, the nose and the mouth as much as possible
  • Wash your hands frequently. Especially if you go to the bathroom, before and after eating, sneezing, coughing or ringing your nose. It is useful to combine the action of soap with that of a hydroalcoholic gel of more than 60% alcohol. If you don't have soap, using alcoholic-based gel is a good option.


  1. Make a list of essential things

Whether you are traveling by car or going by train or by plane, there are a number of essentials things that you have to carry by hand. Don't forget to bring:

  • Masks
  • Alcohol-based hand gel
  • Surface disinfectant wipes
  • Thermometer


  1. Airports, stations and hotels

Airports and train and bus stations are spaces where a large number of passengers from different places run and the crowds can appear.

Due to these possible crowds, it is advisable to wear a mask in these public places and to the extent posible, you have to try to respect the safety distance.


  1. Book excursions in advance

Capacity limitations mean that certain activities need to be booked in advance if you want to enjoy them. Especially those most famous museums, monuments and galleries, need prior reservation.

*We recommend that you do an itinerary of the places you want to visit so that you can make your reservation and not obtain tickets.


  1. Rent a car during your stay

A good option to avoid using public transport in your travel destination, is to use a rental car. Choosing this service will help you avoid crowds and save time.

If you are travelling to the Costa del Sol, choose Espacar as your trusted car rental.


  1. Enjoy your trip

Last but not least, you have to enjoy your trip and try to disconnect the body and the mind when you visit that destination with which you have been dreaming all year round.

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