Natural pools in Malaga

Natural pools in Malaga

Do you feel like doing something different? ✅ We advise you to visit some of the best natural pools in Malaga as an alternative plan to your visit.

The Costa del Sol is famous for the sun and the beach tourism and is precisely its long Mediterranean coast the main attraction that tourists have to visit Malaga. However, it is not all that, and the Province has many natural places of great interest for its beauty and landscape value.

Here are alternative plans you have to enjoy the summer in Malaga and escape during the heat months.


Pools in Malaga

The pools are spaces where river water accumulates forming wells or "pools" of varying sizes during their journey. Most of these are visitable and you can transit them.

There are several river-passable routes throughout the province where pools form:


Barranco Blanco, Coín

Located on the Alaminos River, this route has approximately 6km of travel and stands out for its limestone slopes and its crystalline waters.

Distancia de Málaga➜ 43km

barranco blanco


Chillar River, Nerja

Located near the famous Malaga village of Nerja, we find one of the most famous routes of the province, the so-called "Ruta del Río Chillar".

It is one of the most visited pools in Malaga and usually has quite a lot of traffic of people due to the ease of transit it has and its length. In total it has about 11km of route, but you can walk only part of it.

Distance from Malaga➜ 58km

rio chillar


Rio Verde, Istan (Marbella)

This beautiful river is born in the Sierra de las Nieves and its name comes from the characteristic color of its rocks, covered by moss in some of its sections.

It is not one of the most "popular" routes, so it is usually quiet compared to other passable paths and it offers an environment in the middle of nature.

rio verde


Reservoirs in Malaga

The reservoirs are shallow mass of water with no outlet to the sea. They are "stagnant" and they are usually built using the flow of nearby rivers or large bags of groundwater.

Its use is usually related to the supply of fresh water to one or more populations and, in Malaga, due to the scarcity of rains, we can find several reservoirs. Some of them are lak to use and in them you can swim and enjoy a refreshing day with family.


Pantano El Chorro, Ardales

This historic swamp is located next to the famous Caminito del Rey and was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1921. It is a great alternative for those who visit the Caminito and want to take a dip after the walk.

Swimming on its "beaches" is allowed and various sports activities can also be carried out.

Distance from Malaga➜ 60km

pantano el chorro


Embalse El Agujero, Malaga

It is another historic swamp with more than 100 years of history, so it has great cultural and scenic value .

Nowadays, It was lack of use and swimming is allowed. Nearby there is a restaurant and a viewpoint with beautiful views of the reservoir.

 Distance from Malaga➜ 7,5km

pantano el agujero


If you are thinking of visiting any of the natural pools in Malaga that you have discovered in our article and you do not want to depend on public transport to make any getaway, remember that you can use the car rental service in Malaga with Espacar.



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