Malaga to Frigiliana

Malaga to Frigiliana

Here are the fastest and most efficient ways to get to Frigiliana from Malaga.

One of the major attractions on the Costa del Sol are its so-called ‘white towns’, with beautiful narrow streets and mouth-watering gastronomy making them a must.

Frigiliana is one of the most popular white towns, but there are few transport options to get tourists there during the colder months.


Malaga to Frigiliana by bus

Getting to Frigiliana outside the summer season is tricky, with no buses linking it directly to Malaga.

In summer (from 1 July to 31 August) there are several ways to get to Frigiliana from Malaga, though some are faster than others. Here are your options:

  1. First, catch the bus towards Nerja (from anywhere on the Costa del Sol). Buses to Nerja run very frequently at reasonable prices.
  2. Once you get to Nerja after a 45-minute to 1 hour journey, there is a bus straight to Frigiliana for just €1.
  3. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Nerja to Frigiliana. The taxi ride will cost about €12 to €15.


Nerja - Frigiliana bus times

Nerja - Frigiliana

Monday to Saturday:

07.20 | 09.45 | 10.30 | 11.10 | 12.10 | 13.30 | 15.15 | 16.00 | 17.10 | 19.00 | 20.30 | 21.30*

Sundays and bank holidays:

09.30 | 12.00 | 13.00 | 16.15 | 17.30 | 20.00 | 20.50

Frigiliana - Nerja

Monday to Saturday:

07.00 | 08.00 | 10.10 | 10.50 | 11.40 | 12.45 | 14.00 | 15.30 | 16.30 | 17.35 | 19.30 | 21.00 | 22.00*

Sundays and bank holidays:

09.50 | 12.20 | 13.30 | 17.00 | 18.00 | 20.30 | 21.10

Fare: €1

* Times from 1 July to 31 August


Malaga to Frigiliana by Taxi or Uber

A less affordable but more convenient way to get to Frigiliana from Malaga is by taxi or ride-hailing with companies such as Uber or Cabify. It may not be the most cost-friendly option, but if you split the fare between several of you it makes a reasonable alternative to depending on public transport.

* The journey by taxi or ride-hailing costs about €60 to €85.


Malaga to Frigiliana by rental car

Many Costa del Sol visitors choose to use a car hire Malaga service for their holidays to save money on long and expensive trips to certain locations. A car also means flexibility and independence.

* Fuel to get from Malaga to Frigiliana costs approximately €6 to €9.


What to do in Frigiliana

Frigiliana is considered one of the most charming towns in Malaga, but not because of its majestic monuments or impressive sights. The beauty lies in its Moorish narrow cobbled streets.

Nestled on the mountain tops, you will find various lookout points affording stunning views over the sea.


autobus malaga frigiliana


Where to eat in Frigiliana

We recommend these three restaurants in Frigiliana for a bite to eat or a coffee during your visit:

  • La Bodeguilla on Calle Real.
  • Restaurante Adarve at number 3 Calle Alta.
  • Restaurante El Mirador at number 29 Calle Santo Cristo.


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