Malaga Film Festival 2020

Malaga Film Festival 2020

The information about Malaga Film Festival 2020 is still very scarce, but we can advance some details of this special eventthat brings together the best of Spanish lenguage cinema.


¿When is the Malaga Film Festival 2020?

the 23rd edition of  Malaga Film Festival 2020 will take place between March 13 and 22, 2020 in the city of Málaga.


Malaga Film Festival Awards

The Biznagas are the name to the festival awards and they take their name from one of the most characteristic elements of the city of Malaga, an elaborate creation consisting of a bouquet made of jasmine flower that is usually sold in summer on the streets of the city.

Golden Biznagas are the biggest prize awarded at the Malaga Festival to award the best spanish and Ibero-American film. In addition, during the event, other important awards are distributed that reward other creations of the film world such as documentaries and short films.


Where does the Malaga Film Festival take place?

The most important events of the festival take place in the main theater of the city, the Teatro Cervantes, It is located in the square that bears his name. In addition, other theatres such as Echegaray's and the newly renovated Soho Theatre (former Alameda Theatre) hold the event.

The whole city is involved in this event and you can enjoy artistic exhibitions because of the film festival in the streets of the historic center. Art galleries also usually open and hold special events around the city, although it is in the artistic district of Soho and in the urban area where most of these are located.

The bars and the restaurants of the center are dressed in red to celebrate this event too and it is common to meet some of the stars of the Spanish film having a drink in the most popular bars of the city.


Where do celebrities eat during the Malaga Film Festival?

The most typical and most exquisite restaurants in the capital of the Costa del Sol are decorated for this special event and many of them receive visits from the best celebrities of the moment.

Below we will mention some of the restaurants that celebrities usually frequent during the Film Festival so you can enjoy the best gastronomy in the city: 

  1. El Pimpi: One of the most typical and special restaurants in Malaga thanks to its peculiar enclave and interior decoration, which occupies an old group of country houses of the eighteenth century.
  2. Araboka Restaurant: A restaurant where you can enjoy the most traditional cuisine of the Malaga. It is fused with new flavors and textures. One of its most representative and delicious meal is the sausage tartare of Malaga.
  3. Balausta Restaurant: The newly opened Balausta restaurant stands out for its central location and beautiful interior decoration in the restored Palacio Solecio.
  4. The Patios de Beatas: Located in the middle of a typical Andalusian courtyard, this restaurant is a jewel for lovers of a good wine and a good food, and it is no wonder that celebrities enjoy an evening inside.
  5. Tercer acto: This special restaurant is located in the new Soho Theatre and its creator, the famous Antonio Banderas, delights us with a unique fusion cuisine space that is expected to attract some of the stars of the Spanish film scene during this edition of the Malaga Film Festival.
  6. La Alvaroteca: La Alvaroteca is a signature cuisine restaurant, the name of the chef is Alvaro Avila, and in this restaurant you can enjoy the most unique cuisine and unique experience in one of its themed rooms.


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