How to reach Marbella from Malaga Airport

How to reach Marbella from Malaga Airport

Are you visiting Marbella and you don’t know how to arrive there from Malaga airport? Bus, train, car or taxi? What is the best option to get to the city?

Marbella is one of the main touristic destinations of Malaga thanks to a great weather, pretty beaches, attractive night life and of course a luxury offer of numerous services. But Marbella is 50 km away from Malaga airport so getting there may easily become and adventure on its own. To help you we have prepared this guide with all possible options:

How to reach Marbella from Malaga Airport by car

The fastest option to get to Marbella from Malaga airport is by car, being that a taxi, a car hire, private transfer or any other option. If you are driving you need to know there are two alternatives: the AP7, a toll motorway and the A7, the ‘old’ toll-less motorway.

In the first case it will take you about 40 minutes to reach Marbella and it is very easy as you only need to drive by AP-7 for Benalmadena/Algeciras up to the Marbella exit. Tolls are expensive during high season (from June to September and in Easter) and you’ll find several sections:  

  • From Málaga to Marbella: 7,5€ in Summer/Easter and 4,6€ the rest of the year.
  • From Málaga to Calahonda: 4,7€ in Summer/Easter and 2,9€ the rest of the year. (From Calahonda to Marbella you can drive by the free A7).
  • From Marbella to Estepona: 5,10€ in Summer/Easter and 3,15€ the rest of the year.
  • From Marbella to San Pedro: 2,95€ in Summer/Easter and 1,8€ the rest of the year.

If you prefer to avoid tolls you need also to drive initially by AP-7 for Benalmadena/Algeciras and after Benalmadena take the diversion to Fuengirola following the A7. You must be very careful in this motorway, in the Mijas Costa-Fuengirola section, as there are many turns with reduced visibility. You must also be especially careful just arriving to Marbella as you will find surely heavy traffic and there is also a lot of incorporations to the road from nearby apartments, villas and resorts without proper acceleration lanes.

If you don’t feel like driving there are other options to get to Marbella from Malaga Airport:

  • By taxi. Prices may vary depending on the number of people and the luggage: around 65€ for a 4seats car and 90-100€ for a 7-seats car. A mini-bus for 16-19 seats will cost you more than 120€. Just in front of the arrivals building there is a big taxi area but you can also book in advance through several webpages.
  • In a private transfer price will also vary depending on number of seats but minimum price will be around 8090€
  • You can also use Uber or Cabify with prices similar to private transfers. Please note you have to advise in advance if you need extra services, like baby seats, otherwise the car dispatched may not have them available.

Advantages of Espacar Malaga airport car hire

As you will see later on, public transport in the area is expensive and not very comfortable, so if you want to move around the Costa, the best option is to opt for a car hire Malaga service. In Espacar we provide the best rates of the market as our price is the final price to pay, without surprises nor hidden charges. Here you can find everything our prices include:

  • No prepayments: there’s no charge when making the booking not even a small amount to be returned later if you cancel the booking.
  • No deposit: At the moment of the pickup of the car no deposit will be taken, no amount of money blocked on your credit card as guarantee.
  • Insurance with Zero Excess: there is no excess to worry about in case of accident. Unlike other companies you won’t have to pay a certain amount of the car’s damages (the excess)
  • There is no extra charge for: additional drivers, baby seats or boosters, fine management fee nor accident management fee. If you need a baby seat or a booster you must tell us in advance, but they are free.
  • Unlimited kilometres.
  • Meet&greet delivery service without queues nor wait times.

If you want to check what our customers say about our service check Espacar Malaga airport ratings in Google or in social media.

How to reach Marbella from Malaga airport by bus

You’ll need 45-50 minutes to get to Marbella from Malaga airport by bus. There is one bus every hour and a half (in summer there are more services) and it costs 6,15€ for the standard service and 8,35€ for the plus service. If you choose this option please note they’ll leave you in Marbella bus station, from there you’ll need to take an additional transport to your final destination.

You can check here the Malaga airport – Marbella bus timetable:

Horario Bus hasta Marbella

How to reach Marbella from the Malaga airport by train

Currently there’s no direct connection from Malaga airport to Marbella by train. You can go from the airport as far as Fuengirola train station and once there pick one of the buses to Marbella.

This option is slower, more uncomfortable and expensive than the direct bus but if your final destination is not close to Marbella town it might be the more convenient.

Now that you know all the options to reach Marbella from Malaga airport you just need to think about your needs, decide the best option for you and enjoy everything Marbella and the Costa del Sol have to offer.

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