Family Tourism in Spain

Family Tourism in Spain

Family tourism in Spain: Discover the family tourism trends in Spain and get ready to travel this summer with your loved ones!

Tourism is a key player in Spain. We can feel fortunate to live in a country that offers us an immense diversity of ecosystems, natural parks, beaches, cultural heritage and exquisite gastronomy. 

After the improvement of the epidemiological situation during the last few months, it seems that normality is returning to our lives. This summer is expected to bring an increase in family travel and a return to the numbers that were normally reported before the pandemic. 

Today from Espacar we talk about some aspects of family tourism and show you some of the best destinations for family tourism in Spain that will make you have a vacation you won't forget. Read on!

Trends in family tourism in Spain

Spain is the most chosen destination for European family tourism ahead of France and Germany. This is not surprising, because in our country we have a great cultural offer and plenty of natural landscapes and beaches that leave you speechless and make you want to return to this wonderful country.

Most families usually travel at least once a year, although the crisis has had a great impact on the economy of families, which has meant that many of them do not have the required financial capacity to be able to travel at ease. In other cases, the pandemic has helped families to save money and therefore have more funds to spend on their next trip.

Average spending per person and day has increased for all types of family tourism. And in terms of choice of destination, sun and beach tourism continues to win out, although there is now greater interest in cultural, nature, gastronomic and ecotourism. 

Families tend to choose the destination first before the tourist attractions it offers. The factors they take into account are: safety and health (especially during the COVID situation), family-friendly activities, pleasant surroundings, good food and relaxed atmosphere.

It is worth mentioning that children often play a major role in the decision making process when it comes to choosing a destination, even though parents are the ones who make the final call. Children usually love to travel by car, so knowing the conditions for renting a car in Spain will help you make your car reservation easily and maximize your road trip in Spain. 

Best family tourism destinations in Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the wealthiest ecosystems and has lots of places worth discovering. 

The wide range of tourist offers means that families can choose different experiences throughout the year, such as cultural tourism, natural, rural, beach, gastronomic and ecotourism.

Rural tourism is the most chosen throughout the year, but during the summer the coast leads in the choice of family tourism in Spain.

Despite the changes in tourism habits, the most chosen destinations in Spain do not tend to vary much from year to year. Andalusia leads the ranking as the autonomous community preferred by families to spend their vacations at any time of the year. Following behind are the Valencian Community, Asturias and Galicia. 

Family tourism in Malaga

Are you thinking about where to go to spend a dream vacation with your family? You should not miss the opportunities offered by family tourism in Malaga. 

Malaga has its wonderful Costa del Sol, a part of the Mediterranean coast with hundreds of beaches that run 162 kilometers long. Its many beaches, gastronomy and good weather with 300 days of sunshine have made it one of the favorite destinations for families.

Besides, renting a car in Malaga you can drive through its charming white villages with Andalusian style such as Mijas, Nerja, Frigiliana or Ronda, and visit the viewpoints of Malaga from where you can see a fusion between the beach and the mountains. 

Would you like to enjoy family tourism in Spain this summer? In Espacar we have a Rent a Car service in Malaga so you can discover spectacular places and enjoy your vacations with total freedom.

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