Family Tourism in Malaga

Family Tourism in Malaga

The Costa del Sol has become one of the best destinations to enjoy family holidays, mostly due to the amazing weather. However, aside from that determining factor with respect to other enclaves, the orography of the area has offered infinite possibilities for development with which to make dreams come true for even the youngest in the house. Fantasy and imagination run amok in theme parks, natural pools, sports, sailing or hiking schools, educational-cultural programs and children’s clubs.

Who could resist the opportunity to experience an adventure in the middle of the jungle first hand, surrounded by wild creatures and in a completely natural environment. On the Costa del Sol you can make that dream come true thanks to two leisure centres dedicated to nature: Bioparc Fuengirola, located in the urban heart of the city in a thicket of green landscapes housing 900 animals from 100 species. On a larger scale, there’s the theme park, Selwo Aventura de Estepona, whose 100 hectares of land house 2,000 animals from 200 species.

The dense tropical and subtropical landscapes give way to a botanical-ornithological park, Senda el Retiro, in Churriana, which has turned this enclosure into a home for 600 animals from 400 species, must-visit for anyone who wants to experience nature.

The combination of learning and fun is successfully achieved in the Aula del Mar de Benalmádena, where every family member can experience the richness of the coast and its fauna from the perspective of respect and commitment to its conservation. Other spots worth mentioning in this area are the Sea Life Aquarium, dedicated to the preservation of sharks and other species, such as penguins and seals, and the Selwo Marina Park, also in Benálmadena.

For a completely different ambience, but with the same dedication to the care of flora and fauna, visit the nature and adventure park, Lobopark, in Antequera. Similarly, you can visit the Crocodile Park of Torremolinos, a theme park housing over 300 crocodiles from 14 different species. The leisure park, Tivoli World, in Benálmadena, is reaching 40 years in operation, never having lost its spark to dazzle anyone who chooses to spend their time in their facilities.

For mountain-loving families, the Costa del Sol offers the possibility of enjoying extraordinary landscapes of great environmental value where parents and children can enjoy outdoor sports. Most are marked hiking trails suitable for your little ones, rest areas and trails designed to discover the ins and outs of each ecosystem.

Anyone who ventures to the province of Malaga in search of quiet, healthy environments will find it hard to choose among its five natural parks, which are all perfect for hiking and connecting with the Mediterranean forest. The beach, the star element for any tourist visiting Malaga, has also been adapted for families.

And if over 160 kilometres of natural coast isn’t enough for you, then you can enjoy the water parks. Parents and children will find all the aquatic fun they need with adventure rivers, vertigo slides and wave pools. In this regard, Malaga has solid references: Parque Acuático de Mijas and Aqualand Torremolinos, the biggest on the Costa del Sol.


Here you can find the addresses of some of the places you can visit:

Bioparc Fuengirola
Information: +34 952 666 301

Senda el Retiro
Information: +34 952 43 66 55

Information: +34 952 031 107

Parque Selwo Aventura de Estepona
Information: +34 902 190 482

Crocodile Park
Information: +34 952 051 782

Aula del mar
Information: +34 952 229 287

Sea Life
Benalmadena Costa
Information: +34 952 560 150

Mijas Costa
Information: +34 952 460 404

Information: +34 952 388 888

Tivoli World
Information: +34 952 577 016

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