Beaches in Malaga summer 2020

Beaches in Malaga summer 2020

One of the questions that we ask ourselves the most these days is about the beaches in Malaga during the summer of 2020 and that is, who does not want to take a dip in one of the beaches of the Costa del Sol?

Although there is already talk of certain changes in our society, the reality is that this summer we will be able to enjoy the beach as every year. The answer is that there are many coastal areas along the entire Costa del Sol and that despite the fact that a certain order must be maintained, going to the beach will continue to be a pleasure to relax the body and the mind.

 Many of the recommendations that will be applied this summer are truly civility measures applicable in any circumstance, so there is no need to fear them.

Here we tell you what you should keep in mind when going to the beach this summer:

  1. Beaches in Malaga 2020 - Hygiene measures

Certain basic hygiene measures will be applied as a recommendation during the return to the beaches this summer. Among others measures, we find showers or baths before and after visiting the beaches and the use of a towel for each person and maintaining good hand higiene too.

 It is also important that you make limited use of shared objects and toys and that you avoid swallowing water as much as possible.

To avoid contaminating the beaches, it is recommended to bring a bag to dispose of the waste that may arise during the visit (as has always been done).

  1. Beaches in Malaga summer 2020 - Safety distance

There is still no clear answer to what is going to happen in this matter, since part of these powers will be delegated to the municipalities themselves, which, depending on the overcrowding of the beaches, will propose some measures or others.

There is talk of delimiting spaces on the beaches to achieve better control of the optimal distance between people while they sunbathe, but it is still too early to know how this will evolve.

The distance between groups of people who visit the beaches is almost guaranteed, but who wants to spend some time on the beach less than 1 meter from another group? By inertia we always look for a considerable distance between other groups to settle on the beach.

  1. Beaches in Malaga summer 2020 - Limited capacity on the beaches?

Exactly due to the previous point in relation to the safety distance, it is possible that some very crowded beaches need some access control to ensure a compliance the minimum established distances. Whether there will be a limit of people stipulated on each beach remains to be seen, but if we know that we will all be able to spend many hours in the sun, enjoying the sand and the sea while we sunbathe.

  1. Beaches in Malaga 2020- Schedules

The limits of opening and closing hours on the beaches is another point that is being discussed, Principally to be able to carry out cleaning and disinfection tasks so that we can all make use of a clean and safe beach for us.

Also, as I mentioned before, it is important that we can all enjoy the beaches and, since the Costa del Sol is a place very crowdedin the summer months, it is being thought to enable a limit of hours for each group (we speak of 4 hours up to date).

This information will be updated little by little and we will be able to know more about how to enjoy the beaches in Malaga in 2020. Follow us on Facebook and discover the last updated information about the Costa del Sol.

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