Activities to do with the family in “Costa del Sol”

Activities to do with the family in “Costa del Sol”

Every period of the year is good to visit the “Costa del Sol” with children and to find always lots of activities to enjoy our trip with them.

Here we explain you some plans:

  • The butterfly collection: Located in one of the principal tourist destinations, “Benalmádena”, is the eighth location most filled, “Málaga” is near it, approximately 22km. The butterfly collection is the biggest of Europe, with more than 1500 butterflies of the whole world.

  • Crocodiles’ park: In “Torremolinos”, 13km separated of the center of “Málaga”, is one of the most popular destination of Sun and Beach, and it is communicated by the highway A-7.

In the park, there are around 200 crocodiles of all of the world. There is also, a giant crocodile of the river “Nilo” in Europe, it is called  “Gran Paco”, 

  • The reserve: It is situated in “Ronda”, a beautiful city and the second most populated of “Málaga”. The reserve is a place where the fighting bulls and horses, where they can be at liberty all day.

Fishing with the family: To cross the coast of a different way is to do it by boat, learning about the fishing experience with the fisher man.

To visit the different cities of coast, the ideal thing is to rent a car in Malaga airport, where in Espacar we will received you and you will take a car and travel across all cities you prefer in the coast.

  • Tivoli World: Is a theme park situated in “Benalmadena” It is decorated with the style of the Old West of The United States. It was visited for lots of famous people, because it was a very attractive park years ago.

Last of all, in this 2018 we find the circle of the sun with the new spectacle “Totem”, it will be located in the Palace of Fairs until the first of July.

”Costa del Sol” in an ideal zone for all ages, come and enjoy!

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