Summer Activities in Malaga on Grandparents World Day

Summer Activities in Malaga on Grandparents World Day

It’s no easy task to find a good plan with things to do with your grandparents, parents or parents in law, but we must try harder because let’s be frank, we don’t spend with them all the time we should. But do not worry, Espacar comes to your rescue with several interesting suggestions to enjoy altogether these holidays. Summer must be fun time for all!  

Concerts in Malaga for elders with young spirit

Live music is clearly an all-age activity everyone can enjoy. Summer is the best time of year to attend the numerous gigs offered.

Here you have a list of top Spanish performers playing in the Costa del Sol these coming days:

  • Miguel Poveda. 27th July, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • The Beatles – The Flaming Shakers, 27th July, 2018 in Auditorio Municipal Benalmádena.
  • Raphael "Loco por Cantar" tour. 28th July, 2018 in the Auditorio Municipal Cortijo de Torres (Malaga).
  • Il Divo. 28th July, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • Pablo Alborán. 1st August, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • Steven Tyler. 2nd August, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • Luz Casal. 3rd August, 2018 in Marenostrum Music Castle Park (Fuengirola).
  • Joan Manuel Serrat. 8th August, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • Sara Baras. 12th August, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • Niña Pastori and Bertín Osborne. 22nd August in the Caseta Municipal in Antequera’s Fair.
  • Miguel Ríos. 23rd August, 2018 in Starlite Festival (Marbella).
  • Joan Manuel Serrat “Mediterraneo Da Capo”. 29th September, 2018 in the Auditorio Municipal Cortijo de Torres (Malaga).

You can also find tours by famous TV talent shows participants very popular in Andalusia (like Yo soy del Sur or Se llama Copla). Malaga theatres may also bring interesting performances.

Activities for senior people organised by Malaga Town Hall

Today many town halls in the Costa offer free activities for all the family like open-air cinema projections, boat rides, popular dances shows, etc. But they also offer activities designed for senior citizens.

They are quite popular when related to popular fairs and festivals. A good example, is the Caseta Municipal del Flamenco y la Copla located in Malaga Summer Fair, where they can enjoy flamenco shows.

Visiting those charming villages of Malaga

We don’t have space enough here to write about all possible options, but certainly we would recommend:

  • Mijas, where you can enjoy fantastic views of the Costa del Sol, walk calmly by its gardens and Parks or have some photos taken with its famous donkeys

  • San Miguel Street in Torremolinos, where some say modern tourism started back in the 60s.
  • Nerja´s Balcón de Europa (‘Europe’s balcony’) with a fantastic sunset to remember enjoying a nice ice cream.

Night tours to Alcazaba and other monuments

Every year many important monuments in Malaga are open for visits in late evenings and nights. One of the more popular of these tours is the one in the Alcazaba organised by Asociación Zegrí. For over two hours you can enjoy a guided tour with one of the volunteers of the Asociación including a belly dancing show and a concert of mozárabe music with traditional Moorish instruments. All this with fantastic night visions of the city. You will really enjoy it.

Other interesting places to visit by night are: the English Cemetery, the Botanical Gardens of La Concepción where you can enjoy staged tours and Gibralfaro Castle where varied music shows are performed.

Family barbecue in the beach

Family barbecue in the beach<

One whole day in the beach all the family together is a sure bet. Perhaps a different beach than usual or a good meal in a chiringuito (beach restaurant) and you’ll find a lot of happy smiles around you at the end of the day.

But if you really want to win all praise then organise a family barbecue in the beach. Some quick advices to be successful:

  • Agree on a date at least 2-3 weeks ahead. In summer everyone has lot of plans of funny things to do
  • You may buy the food but forget about drinks, ask everyone to bring their own as tastes vary and that’s always the heavier part to carry.
  • Don’t forget sunshades and some lanterns, if you are planning to stay late in the evening.
  • Respect the regulations. In Málaga you can only make beach barbecues in the beach of Peñón del Cuervo and in Guadalmar Golf Link beach, and you need to ask previously for a permit.

Now it’s up to you. Choose a day and go for it! Remember you can find more suggestions of activities to enjoy with your family, in other Espacar posts like 10 museums in Málaga you have to visit or Restaurants with free 'tapas'.

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