10 places to visit in Estepona

10 places to visit in Estepona

Estepona is one of the most touristic village in Andalucía. Is in the south of Spain, in Málaga. Is the perfect destination to feel fantastic temperatures all the year. So there is the perfect place to entertainment with children, old people, families and singles.

Also, for the lovers of Golf, Estepona is a paradise 365 days of the year.

  1. Selwo Adventure: You can enjoy about wild nature. To know the most famous animals of Africa (The lion, the giraffe, the thippo, the zebra, the cheetah, and for the other continents, Europe and Asia, https://www.selwo.es/en
  2. Sierra Bermeja, the mountain of Estepona, it has a typical name because in the top of the mountain you can see a red sun all mornings. You can go there by bike, by car or walking.
  3. The port: In the center of the city, you can discover all the restaurants and also is a very good place for lovers of photography.
  4. The Beach of “Rada”: Is the best known, it is composed about thin sand.
  5. The square of the clock: It is located in the historic part of Estepona, there is the famous tower with the clock.
  6. The castle of “El Nicio”: You only can see little things about this monument of IX century.
  7. The park of “Orquídeas”: You can see there vertical gardens, with flowers and waterfalls. It also has lights and vegetation of all the word, http://www.orchidariumestepona.com/.

  1. Towers “Almenaras”: Muslim origin, in the past the towers were for protect the city to the war.
  2. The walls: Most of the buildings are painting outdoors. There are lots of them, all beautiful and very characteristic of this city.

One of these paintings isBarriada sea and sierra”: Artistic painting of 120 square meters by the author Ana Cecilia Salinas, the artist wanted to include prehistoric statuette known as "Venus" of Estepona.

Other one is, “Neighborhood of television”: Artistic mural of 30 meters high entitled "Estepona Bermeja" by  the artist Ana Cecilia Salinas. it is an allegorical work of the city where references are also the chess world. In the painting predominates russet red like “Sierra Bermeja floors”


  1. Snorkel:  Is one of the most amazing activity to do by the sea.

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