Things to Do with the Kids on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol has long been one of the top favourite destinations for family holidays, mainly because of its mild weather. However, its geography has also provided it with natural settings that open up endless possibilities for things to do with children in Malaga Provice. What’s more, fantasy and imagination run free in the province’s theme parks, nature tours, sports schools, mountaineering adventures, outdoor pursuits, educational programmes, and clubs for the little ones. When it comes to family holidays in Spain, Malaga Province has it covered.


Family plans in Costa del Sol related to nature

Outdoor Pursuits in Malaga Province

For mountain goats, Malaga is full of beautiful landscapes and settings for outdoor sports. Most areas have well signposted trekking trails to be used by grown-ups and children alike. There are also resting places/BBQ areas and circuits that help discover the secrets of every ecosystem.

Malaga Province has five nature parks where families can go hiking and take a close look at the Mediterranean forest. They’re quiet places, ideal to strengthen family bonds or engage in deep reflections. If you’re looking for this type of family holiday, you’ll have a hard time choosing your park!


On the Wild Side – Costa del Sol Leisure Parks

A jungle experience, coming face to face with beasts in wild nature, is an adventure nobody wants to miss. This dream can come true on the Costa del Sol, as it’s home to the two largest leisure parks dedicated to nature in Spain: the Bioparc Fuengirola and Selwo Aventura, in Estepona. The zoo, in the heart of Fuengirola, features 900 animals of 100 different species, while Selwo Aventura houses 2,000 of 200 different species in a surface area of 100 hectares.

Quite a different picture of nature is the one you can get at Lobo Park, in Antequera, or at Crocodile Park in Torremolinos. Both theme parks are equally concerned with the protection of species in danger. Crocodile Park houses 300 crocodile specimens, classified into fourteen different species.

Family plans in Costa del Sol close to the sea

Malaga Beaches

Beaches in Malaga are the flagship product of the Costa del Sol's family holiday offering. Adjustments have been made for children’s safety on Malaga beaches. There are many beaches which are watched by the Red Cross, and most have children’s areas on the shore.


Water Parks in Malaga

If your children can’t get enough of water along the 160-kilometre natural coastline, there are several water parks in Malaga to satisfy any family holiday in Spain. Adventure rivers, water slides, and wave pools for children and their parents to have fun together. The fifteen-year-old Mijas Water Park, Aqualand (the largest park of its kind on the Costa del Sol), or Velez Malaga based Aquavelis (featuring an 80-metre-high free fall attraction) are all sure bets.


Costa del Sol Aquariums

Learning can be fun in Malaga. The project known as “Aula del Mar” (Ocean Classroom) being carried out in Benalmadena helps understand the geography, vegetation and fauna of the coastline, while encouraging eco-friendly, conservationist behaviour. Other aquariums in the province are Sea Life, which works with endangered species such as sharks, penguins or seals, and Selwo Marina. Both are in Benalmadena.


Fun and Thrills – Costa del Sol Theme Park

The theme park Tivoli World, in Benalmadena, has been around for forty years. Despite its long history, it can still dazzle new generations of boys and girls with its thrilling attractions.

For more information on any of the Costa del Sol theme parks mentioned, please see below...


Other interesting places to visit with family

Biopark Fuengirola
Telephone: (+34) 952 666 301

Telephone: (+34) 952 031 107

Parque Selwo Aventura de Estepona
Telephone: (+34) 902 190 482

Crocodile Park
Telephone: (+34) 952 051 782

Aula del Mar
Telephone: (+34) 952 229 287

Sea Life
Benalmádena Costa
Telephone: (+34) 952 560 150

Parque Acuático de Mijas
Mijas Costa
Telephone: (+34) 952 460 404

Telephone: (+34) 952 388 888

Vélez  Málaga
Telephone: (+34) 952 542 758

Tivoli World
Telephone: (+34) 952 577 016

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